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Intro After upgrading multiple Sitecore solutions, I noticed there are whole a lot of awfully slow tasks that can be automate. Hence, Sitecore Upgrade Assist is created to simplify important tasks including: Upgrading .NetFramework to the one matching the new Sitecore version Upgrade Nuget packages to match the new .NetFramework and Sitecore. Upgrade Sitecore packages. […]

With Sitecore 9.0 we have the release of the brand new Experience Forms which is quite different from good old Web Form for Marketers. I had a hands-on experience with this module and performed some investigation on its architecture. The video is a recording of the briefing session I conducted with my team members. Hope you find it useful as […]

Web Form For Marketers is one of the many Sitecore modules. This one specifically aims non-tech people and helps them create web forms. This module is very power-full and also inherits Sitecore legacy of being”Extensible and configurable”. We can modify form appearance, input types, validations, submit actions, etc. WFFM is regularly used to add comment […]