DevCon #5 Presentation on Reveres Engineering

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This post is regarding my Tech talk on  Reverse engineering and debugging .Net applications conducted on Herbalife Malaysia Office as part of DevCon event. DevCon is a monthly gathering of Microsoft enthusiast to deliver and discuss advanced programming knowledge. I participated as a speaker for DevCon #5 and here is a brief explanation of the topic.

There are many cases, that we have to work with third-party assemblies in our solutions. It is all cool until we run into a exceptions, bottleneck or some random message in the log file. Usually, the first thing comes to our mind as a developer is a bunch of swear world for the developer of the component and finally contacting their customer support with a baggage of complaints. However, this is not always the best option as support usually take a long time to investigate the scenario and we all have deadlines (who doesn’t?). Things could be even worse. They might find that issue was with you and not the component and they might as well use some swear words.  Therefore, if you wish to save yourself from embarrassment or make your complaint baggage heavier, you have to do some detective work yourself. In this session, we will walk through the reverse engineering tools and use them to sneak peek into .Net assemblies.

Here is the link to download my slides

Reverse engineering and debugging


And here is a recording of my presentation.

Part 2

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