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There are times that you wish to clear your mind from negativity, get into the nature and listen to the sound of life but your friends are just too lazy to go too far for it. So if you are in that stage, Gunung Angsi is a good choice for you.

The starting point is roughly 1 and half hour drive south of KL. Once you take the exit from the main road, you are about 100 meter away from the starting point (awesome navigation right :p). There is an entry fee (RM5) but when we came back, the mountain marshal or whoever that guy was didn’t show up and we didn’t signed out. We didn’t even get a call confirming our safe return. So the 5RM is almost for no reason and you better don’t rely on them to save your life.

The hike was expected to be 3 hours up, so we were prepared. However, we did it in 1 hour and 25 minutes (as you can see from my watch report below). While I was announcing this glamorous achievement to my friends proudly on the peak, someone voiced out that the 3 hour trail is from the other side of the mountain. I didn’t honestly check that statement but it reduced my excitement anyways 🙂 . Still there is no question about our fitness and status of “Fast Hikers”

The track was somehow similar to Gunung Datuk, high slop at first and more chilled later. One of the muddies I ever seen. It could be due to the moonsoon season in Malaysia. There was no river crossing in our path and couple of look out points. The peak had a nice view as well but not that special compare to other peaks.

Bottom line, it is a nice and easy hike that can brighten your day with a good morning activity. Do check it out. Do not forget to comment.

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