Ignorance is a Crime?!

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We all read the news. We all see what is happening in other side of the world. But has it happened in your neighborhood yet? Have you seen a man running at you with a gun? Then this article is probably for you.

Progress in man-kind desire for killing one another is increasing and so is ignorance. Are these two related? It is easily visible how war has taken over huge part of middle east and how western countries are feeling the vibration. Millions fled their lands, thousand killed in war, hundreds are dead in bombing and mass killings. These are just part of devastation we have seen in the past a few years. The statistics shows disturbing results and we all are aware.

Wars in the past years

21st century did not have a good start. 9-11. We all are familiar with that. About 3000 people dead in world trade center, USA. This attack ignited a fire that encompassed an entire decade. Subsequently, came the sequence of wars in middle east. Thousands died and millions displaced. There was no single day that we didn’t hear a bad news or statistics on how many were killed. Act of revenge, enforcement of democracy, good deed, destruction of mass killing weapons, thirst of oil, self-defense, game of politics or what was the cause of all these, we don’t know. Yes… Media said so and so but what’s happening behind the scene is yet to be discovered.

Western activities in middle east was not the solo cause of changes in that part of the wold. Arab spring was initiated on year 2010. When Tunisian managed to overthrow the government, it turned the attention of all neighboring countries. The impact was quite high. People believed in the power. A good thing? Yes, I would say. For countries who had smallest idea what is waiting for them. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for Syria.

We have seen terrorists and felons here and there, but an organization with a country full of resource for them?! Named Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. A place where criminals get paid for killing. Yeah, a muddy humid place is the best set up for fungus. As sickening as it sounds, this place shall never exist.

On the other hand, these killing activities going around us is a glance on where mankind is heading. I don’t believe all the people joining ISIS are extreme Muslims fighting for their belief. Isis militants are killers who finally got the opportunity to reveal their true desire while being brainwashed to become absolute killing machine.

It is very unfortunate to see many of the recent attacks do not belong to any terrorist organization. It’s people with desire for killing that finally put aside the fear or whatever was holding them back and finally achieve what they always wanted. They are people. We are people. These Psychopaths are product of our society. Where are we going wrong?

They are killing, what are we doing? This is the questions I ask myself every day. One bellow himself up, kills tens of people, put the world in shock. I see that, I read that, they get my sympathy. But the question is, is that all I can do? Sympathy? Some say I pray for them, some say as long as I don’t do it, I have done a good deed. I say no. At this time ignorance and simply watching from distance is the biggest mistake one can do. It’s time people create their own coalition. Expecting politicians to do all the work did not do the work as we can see. I still don’t have a clear answer to what exactly need to be done but I know doing nothing is wrong. If you have read this so far I hope you take a second think about it. It is never acceptable to count yourself too small to take any action.  I would be happy to read your idea about this on the comments.

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  • Shona Roy

    Ignorance is not a crime.. How to react over this or if one should react in the first is a dilemma. Question is- what’s the motive behind committing all this heinous crimes? Find the root and try to abolish it before it grows into a tree.


    • Masoud Post author

      This article is meant to help you with the dilemma. Who must find the motive? Who must abolish it? what must we do? these are the questions we have to ask ourselves.


  • Shona Roy

    That’s why I’d rather chill, drink my coffee and read a book.. Because by the time we find out the motive of each and everyone and try to make changes, there will be more crimes piling up. The Government & politics play a strong role here. If they’re not doing their jobs then they might as well sit down and have coffee with me. I could put some sense into them 😉


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