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With Sitecore 9.0 we have the release of the brand new Experience Forms which is quite different from good old Web Form for Marketers. I had a hands-on experience with this module and performed some investigation on its architecture. The video is a recording of the briefing session I conducted with my team members. Hope you find it useful as […]

If you have ever used WFFM on your page, you know that it has its own set of scripts. The way these script injected to the page has evolved which confuses a lot of front-end developer whether they are upgrading their instance or developing new pages. In this article we are going to take a […]

Microsoft excel is a powerful tool used by billions of people around the word, programmer as well. Power users are able to perform arithmetic operations using macros and formulas. However, excel has a hidden gem that opens a new paradise for programmers. The ability to modify excel sheets using Visual Basic for Application (VBA) directly […]

There are many cases, that we have to work with third-party assemblies in our solutions. It is all cool until we run into a exceptions, bottleneck or some random message in the log file. Usually the first thing comes to our mind as a developer is bunch of swear world for the developer of the component and finally contacting their customer support with a baggage of complains. However, this is not always the best option as support usually take long time to investigate the scenario and we all have deadlines (who doesn’t?). Things could be even worse. They might find that issue was with you and not the component and they might as well use some swear words. Therefore, if you wish to save yourself from embarrassment or make your complain baggage heavier, you have to do some detective work yourself. In this session, we will walk through the reverse engineering tools and use them to sneak peek into .Net assemblies.

Intro Pine Tree (still not sure why is it called that!) is located at Fraser Hills, approximately 2.5 hours drive north of Kuala Lumpur. The place is known for it’s amazing weather and beautiful nature. Background It’s been a while since we were aiming for this hike. During the raining season it’s mostly closed so we had to […]

Web Form For Marketers is one of the many Sitecore modules. This one specifically aims non-tech people and helps them create web forms. This module is very power-full and also inherits Sitecore legacy of being”Extensible and configurable”. We can modify form appearance, input types, validations, submit actions, etc. WFFM is regularly used to add comment […]

This is not a hike for everyone. You have to be determined, physically fit and fearless. 

Gunung Nuang is a bit different than other hikes. If you haven’t been hiking for sometimes, you better reduce the expectations and forget about hitting the peak. Read my one day hike to this breathtaking rain forest.

SPEAK or Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit is a framework to quickly and easily create a custom application in Sitecore Experience Platform. In this blog post, we are going to create an app that displays some Sitecore items in table format. Please note that the goal here is to get SPEAK App running as quick as […]

There are times that you wish to clear your mind from negativity, get into the nature and listen to the sound of life but your friends are just too lazy to go too far for it. So if you are in that stage, Gunung Angsi is a good choice for you. The starting point is […]