Trip to Yazd, One of the oldest city on the planet

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One of the most remarkable place I have visited so far is undoubtedly Yazd. Yazd is one of the oldest city on the planet located in heart of Iran. The city is surrounded by desert and Therefore it has a very dry weather. Hot days and chilled evenings is the typical weather condition at beginning of autumn which is exactly the time I visited this beautiful piece of architecture known as city of wind catchers. Here is my travel review of the 4 days trip from Tehran to Yazd.

Fist Day – Departure

There are variety of transport available for passengers heading to Yazd from Tehran. One of the best options is the south train that stops in Yazd as well. This trip is both fun and adventures as you get to travel with locals and pass through number of historical cities along the way. However, if you are looking for a more comfortable ride, you may consider the 4-bed compartment which is more luxurious. Other means of travel are buses and taxis which is obviously less safe but still a good option. Nevertheless, my choice of transport was our own personal car and having a road trip instead.

We left home by 9 am when it’s just nice and cold. First destination is Mahalat. A small town in Markazi province, 270+ KM south of Tehran. It is known by many as Netherlands of Iran because of its well-known flower plantations. Mahalat hosts international flower festival every year which indeed is an exquisite sight. We spent the night in this beautiful town and had to say our goodbyes right after the sunrise.


Second Day – On the way to history

We started our day driving south and heading for the desert. We passed through a few beautiful towns including Mashhad Ardehal (Sohrab Sepehri tomb and hometown), Kashan, and Ardestan . We made our lunch stop at Nain in Isfahan Province. I have heard about some of the famous sights in this city and with a little search online, I located a few spot that would catch our interest.

Nain is a small city not too far from Yazd itself. It has the distinctive appearance of common Iranian desert towns. Houses with Baad Gir (wind catcher) and random Ab Anbar (water storage) here and there. You can see some pictures from the Grand Bazar and one old Hussainiya that we got randomly invited and treated with nothing but tea and respect. It’s common Iranian courtesy to invited people randomly to their house for a tea which comes surprising to foreign travelers. We had a good lunch in one of the restaurant and continued our journey to Yazd.




It was gloaming once we passed Darvaze Ghoran (Ghoran Gate) which is the first square of Yazd at the city north entrance. That was when I started looking up for a nice place to spend the night at. was my primary source of information and it suggested Hotel Dad (it is read as Daad) with the highest-ranking base on reviews. The navigation system took us somewhere at city center where the hotel is located. It was indeed a fascinating place with a beautiful architecture and exclusive service. The hotel was fully booked and we were lucky that a tour did not show up and their rooms were available to us.


We booked the room for two nights and we started exploring the city after a few hours. Here is a list of places we visited with a short description of each

Amir Chakhmaq Square

Amir Chakhmaq

Located at the heart of the city. Many tourist attraction around and you can find one of the best bakery to buy Yazd famous sweets (Ghotab, Baghlava, cake yazdi, etc). It is called Haj Khalife Ali Rahbary and it is located at the corner on the left hand of photographer.

Hussainiya at Salman-e Farsi Street


Followin Amir Chakhamq corridor will get you to Salman-e Farsi street. The neighborhood is filled with Arab-Iranian community. They have migrated from south of Iran to more central part of the country during Iran-Iraq war in pursuit of safety and shelter. The Street host number of Hussainiya.

Old Town


Taking a walk around the historical parts of the town. Barely touched and still gives you the true feeling of the original establishment.

Watermil at Old Town


Gives you a sense of old days and how difficult things used to be. Interesting fact is, this mil was in use until recently that its last keeper passed away.

Dollat Abad Garden

Bagh Dollatabad


Has the tallest Bad Gir (Wind catcher) in the world and one amazingly beautiful garden space.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple


This Temple is beautiful but quite small. Inside you can see a fire that is always glowing and will never get turned off. You can observe and learn some facts about Zoroastrian religion and all its tradition on the museum at the left side of the Temple structure.

Jame Mosque of Yazd


I didn’t get the chance to see the inside as it is closed after 8 pm. But the entrance is breathtaking, tall and elegant.

Fourth Day – Journey to home

We had some amazing time in Yazd. Met the most friendly, honest, and lovely Iranians of my life but fortunately or unfortunately there is always an end to every good thing. We left the city on the fourth day after some souvenir shopping at Amir Chakhmaq square. Our lunch stop took place at Ardestan, a small town 200+ Km north of Yazd. First thing that caught my eyes was the good maintenance of the town. Seems like the municipality was doing a pretty good job over there. We had our lunch and took the opportunity to pay a visit to Ardestan Jame Mosque. Yes, almost every town in Iran has a Masjid Jame (Jame Mosque). What I like about Ardestan Mosque is that it is intact. The mosque is still in use as it was 500 years ago and barely changed.


First double story mosque.


Ghroan calligraphy of this mosque is simply amazing.


This mosque is developed by Master Mahmoud Isfahany in 12th century.


Iran is a beautiful place to visit and Yazad must be included in your itinerary. Taking a road trip to Yazd is more desirable as you get to see more throughout the way. If you are the adventures type, it is for the best to forget about paid tours and find your way around the city. It’s not going to be too difficult and you get to dig deeper into the people life style. I have met many people who traveled to Iran and not even one complained about it. So forget about what media says and book your ticket to Iran just like these two Australian lads I met and travel with during my holidays in Iran.



Short Summary and Rating


Name : Hotel Dad (Daad)
Facilities : Swimming Pool, Sona, Jacuzzi, rooftop resturant, and Car Park
Price : IRR 3,700,000 (100 USD) Per Night

Room Cleanliness

Bed Quality

Staff Friendliness



Worth of Money


Name : Yazd
Population :1.074m


People Friendliness


Public Transport

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