The Shorea In Jelebu – A Birthday Surprise

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It was the 1st of June, a weekday, my birthday, and it was around 12 something at noon. My bf- Masoud took half day from work and made plans for us for the rest of the evening.We started with lunch at NZ Curry House. The food was good but the weather wasn’t doing us any justice. It was too hot and there were no fans where we were seated. Half melted as we were, we left the place right after lunch and drove off.

First Day

Masoud took over the wheel. I had no idea where he was taking us but all I knew was that he was going to surprise me. Despite me asking him where a million times, he refused to say anything. He kept giving annoying hints. I even looked into the Google navigator, which he had keyed in to direct us. The only thing I caught was “1 hour 15 minutes”. Probably because I was being too much of a busy-body and not allowing him to surprise me, he straight shut down the navigator. We passed by many estates and palm oil plantations. I started becoming worried. I even asked him if he was planning a special kind of murder for me. He just smiled to every crap I uttered.

Almost at around 3.30 pm, we arrived at this place in a jungle, where one would only see trees and a narrow pathway, leading to some eery place. A lady by the name of “Prema” led us from the front with her motorbike. She brought us into a deeper part of the jungle. It was a curvy road as well. One road led to a place called “The Dusun”, and the other road which we took, led us to “The Shorea”. At first I had mixed emotions. I felt nervous and anxious at the same time because it was my first time Masoud was bringing me to such a place. We had to pass through 2 gated premises. It was a private property owned by Pantai.13321817_10206701123113808_8662284230056371866_n

Not too far from there, we arrived at our destination- The Shorea. For a moment I had no idea what that name meant. Only once we reached the place, I realized it was the name of the villa we stayed in. Masoud had booked a night’s stay there at a very special villa called the “Villa Kemboja”. 13331065_10206678042056796_6919260511629245308_n

It was a very beautiful place indeed. It came with a very own kitchen and a place where one can shower while looking into the skies. The whole concept deco was wooden and the bed frames were draped with mosquito nettings. There was a nice balcony outside our room, overlooking the breath-taking scenery. It was right at the center of everything, facing the swimming pool, dining area and other villa’s as well.   13342920_10206678042576809_8537291740646133788_n


With a view that good, what else could one ask for? We took out the beers and chips, and jumped straight into the pool. The waters were so cold and we learned that the pool water wasn’t chlorine water, and that it was from the mountains. There was another friendly family swimming there at the same time. Not long after, it began to rain. We went to those lazy-chairs and just laid back with our beers. Felt so relaxing having to just lay back and watch the rain.


While lazing on the chair, we saw “Prema” and her staff preparing the barbeque pit and the necessary things for our dinner. It turns out she is the person in charge of the 4 Villa’s there. She attends to customers needs and she was indeed a very nice and helpful lady.

Just before dinner, Masoud and I took a walk outside the villa. It was indeed a beautiful place and we could hear the sounds of waterfalls although it wasn’t visible.  It was very muddy from the rain, so we couldn’t walk far either.

Moving on to dinner. Masoud took out the chicken, vegetables and fish that he had marinated the night before at his place, and begin barbequing them. He knew how much I enjoyed his cooking and he made such an effort for my birthday. Rather then eating out, he took the trouble to prepare all the food. I guess that’s my good luck of having a boyfriend who loves to cook! 🙂 (Braggggg) (This was he who typed this ;)) 13335819_10206701123513818_8088616208067143531_n

After dinner, we got ourselves busy playing the game “Pictionary” at our balcony overlooking the peaceful forest night. With us was a dog that we met from the time we checked into the villa. We named it Patch Adams. Not only was the dog friendly, it also ate with us during dinner and kept us company during our Pictionary session. Anyway, since it was an early start for the both of us, we decided to hit the sack early.  With a comfy bed like that, one could just die on it.

Second Day

We woke up to the smell of the lady making “Nasi Lemak” for us. The good thing about our room was that the kitchen was just a floor down. We sat on our balcony and had our morning coffee while the lady from the kitchen brought our breakfast up to us. We rested for a bit after our heavy and scrumptious breakfast before checking out and hitting the road.


On the road, we took a detour to the “Jelita Ostrich Farm”. It was a huge farm that housed many ostriches and goats of different sizes and types. At the ostrich farm, we were allowed to feed the ostriches and goats. Those ostriches somewhat looked like dinosaurs from a close-up. We even stood on ostrich eggs. I learned that once the sun touches the ostrich egg, it becomes so hard, the foetus inside dies. 13315769_10206701151674522_219006024204362934_n



After the ostrich farm, we headed to the town area for some lunch. Initially we wanted to try out the seafood there, but “waze” somehow brought us to another place. So we went for some Chinese food instead. It was good though. Masoud had chicken rice and I had fishball noodles with soup. It was’ tasty and all for the price of RM12! Where do we get 3 different dishes for that price these days?! 13315521_10206701151514518_5657232007030287272_n

Feeling all stuffed from lunch, we decided to take a slow drive to the Seremban Equestrian Park. Each of us had a horse to ourselves for a whole hour for RM70 per pax. The horses we rode on were quite stubborn. I personally felt as if they were not trained well. Anyhow, we took the chance and rode on them around the park. It was a nice, quiet area with not many people around, and just some friendly animals. 13331095_10206701152114533_7432775624081920053_n

After all that, we drove back to KL. We got stuck in a massive jam on our way back. Yea, if one were to leave at such hour..what to expect! Somehow, overall, it was a wonderful birthday surprise by Masoudo. I wished we could have stayed there another night though. Oh well…. all starts well, ends well.

Short Summary and Rating


Name : The Shorea
Facilities : Dedicated kitchen area, BBQ Area, Swimming Pool, and Car Park
Price : RM680 Per Night

Room Cleanliness

Bed Quality

Staff Friendliness



Worth of Money

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