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There are lots of time you feel blue because you don’t get what you want or things don’t work out the way you want it. Do you know what makes it worse? Having a sequence of them in a short span of time.

We all have been there. No matter your personality or social situation you still face it. Interesting part is the way we deal with it.

  1. People who say “why am I so unlucky? Why me?”

I don’t want to comment on this people behavior because I don’t know if I ever going to say that. This is usually the case when the challenge is too hard to face. Something like serious disease for the loved one. Yet again there are people who say this if they miss their train! Anyhow, this is not my favorite because it sounds like a petition to Justice Department of Luck Distribution Center. Luck! Who distribute it between people!? Why some are lucky some aren’t?! To me luck is a term used to define an unknown phenomenon or object that implies on people. Personally don’t like to define something that can’t be scientifically proven. I know many people would argue otherwise but that’s out of this topic.

  1. People who believe it’s an urge from God.

A religious perspective. These people relate their problems to stories in holly books like Noah or Jacob. Usually challenge are faced similar to the prophets in the story with strong faith and comply to God’s guidance (whatever that means). Again these people could be further divided into two categories.

One who believe the problems are God will and do nothing about it. They call it “surrender to God’s will”. This to me sounds like a lazy person who blame his/her God for the problem and leave it at that. Same individual will be complaining to his/her God why they have so much of trouble in their life. Once again you may argue otherwise.

Second are those who believe there is price if you succeed in facing the problem. something like good taste of wine in Heaven. There is a sentence in Muslim Holy book that states ” there is ease after hardship”. I kind of like this approach. Because it’s basic biological behavior that you do things for a reward. To achieve something at the end. That’s what keep you going. And this will feed you to the end.

  1. People who try to avoid it.

Avoiding problem is like pushing the dust under the carpet instead of swiping it off. We know it’s wrong and problem is not solved, yet we do it. This reminds me of Al Pacino in the movie Scent of a Woman. ” I always knew what the right path was. Without exception, I knew. But I never took it. You know why? It was too damn hard”. We choose the easier path and use excuses to convince the guilty conscience to grant a good night sleep. Phiewww… Our first choice to solve a problem but not the freaking right one.

  1. People who think of it as a challenge and face it.

Oh yeah these are my favorite. These are the people who keep the inner child awake. People who look at challenges the way a child looks into a puzzle. Free of any destruction, fixing it with love. Making it part of you and overcome it eventually. Rewarding yourself every step of the way. Of course not all challenges are as fun to solve but it’s the positive perspective that must remain. The eager to dig in and not give up until you are there.

Problems are inseparable part of our life and each problem must be treated as a challenge with a prize. Challenge for a curious person is like fuel for fire.  I am in this believe that you die when your inner child dies. You die when you stop the tango and reach to the conclusion that yeah that’s me, I can’t be any better. Yes, we need to accept the facts that we came to this world with certain attributes. Gender, IQ level, Family, Nationality, Physical Appearance whatnot but history has proven that none of these can stop mankind from achieving their goal. So my advice to myself and all of you is keep the fire burning and push yourself to win the prize and would like to end this post with my favorite quote from Steve Jobs
” Stay hungry, stay foolish ”


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